I’ve always been surrounded by fabrics, textures and dressmaking sounds. Influenced and inspired by my mom making the most beautiful garments.

I grew up with a love for unique and hand made clothing. In a world where most things are mass produced it’s sometimes hard to find fashion true to your soul.

As I browsed through old patterns from my late mother’s collection, I thought about how I would love to wear and enjoy these vintage pieces.

I want to inspire by living a grateful life. Live in the now and bring the pretty things from the past on your journey.

Often when I look at photographs I think to myself: “Wow, I love what they are wearing, that is exactly what I want.” But I never do seem to find garments that are similar.

When it comes to fashion; thrift shopping is like treasure hunting to me. It’s such a great way to add elements of other eras to your outfits. I often find great pieces and then to my disappointment discover they are too big or in bad shape.

My love for fashion and reviving retro street style got me dreaming;

and that is where Skoonma started.